SuiSeiSeki Texture

Using the model found online, I redesigned her outfit according to the original one. After searching appropriate materials, I painted all the textures and created all the shaders. Finally she is developed to be like a real ball-joint doll.

Texture Artist, Hair Simulation
Character Look Dev.
Autodesk Maya, Arnold, Mari

Final turntable

Suiseiseki is a character in one Japanese anime called Rozen Maiden. She is the third Rozen Maiden ---- a group of dolls who have supernatural powers. Suiseiseki has a twin sister, Souseiseki, and they control the growth of plants together. Green rose is Suiseiseki's favourite flower.

Suiseiseki is a beautiful and lovely girl. Sometimes she acts childly and cries a lot. She seems cold and even hostile towards her friends but does care about them from the bottom of her heart. Souseiseki is the one she concerns about most.

Final look

Fabric details

Shoes Details

Skin Shader

Character Sheet

inventory Sheet